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My name is Jennifer Reyes and I am the inventor of the sippy straw brush.  Throughout the years I have toyed with the "invention" idea many times.  My dream was to come up with ONE product that would hit the stores all across the United States. Ideas and concepts are constantly running through my mind, but I never took the time or energy to  follow through with any of them...until now.
All in all, I would have to give credit to both of my amazing children Kylie and Alex (K&A marketing) for the inspiration of the idea.  After countless hours of slaving to get the "gunk" out of their sippy straws and ridiculous amount of money I threw away purchasing replacement sippy cups, I was determined to come up with a solutiuon. After doing research, and not being able to find anything to fit the small diameter of the straws, I hit the drawing board and went straight to work.  If I could save some mom or dad the headache of cleaning, or expense of buying...
it was ALL worth it.
The concept and product pretty much took off on its own.  From an idea date of mid June 2009, to my first prototype, and now selling by October - it clearly seems to be a HUGE hit! I strive for my customers to be 100% satisfied with the sippy straw cleaner as I am very excited to be offering it.
I ask that you check back frequently as we are in the process of wholeselling to many stores across the US. You may see the sippy straw cleaner at one of your local stores.
Thanks, and don't forget to SAVE the SIPPIES!!!