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Why You Need A Good Asbestos Roof Removal Company

A roof that has asbestos could become a big health risk for your family and can even be fatal when handled casually. The reason is because you may end up breathing in the minute fibres that get airborne when the asbestos is disturbed. When these particles lodge in your lung cavity, you would develop asbestosis (mesothelioma). Such an illness may take as long as 15 to 25 years to develop fully, but once it does, it’s fatal.

Take note that even gentle handling of asbestos could be sufficient in creating airborne microscopic fibres. This is why you must always utilize the services of an asbestos roof removal professional.

Some of the key benefits of engaging a professional include:

Fully Licensed

Although homeowners are allowed by law to perform removal, it’s not recommended due to the associated risks. Part 4.3 of the 2007 Occupational Health and Safety Regulations governs situations when a person who is not licensed may engage in the removal of non-friable material.

When you engage, a fully licensed removal company, you can rest in the assurance that they will do a professional job. A company that is fully registered for this kind of work would engage workers who hold the highest requisite qualifications. Make sure you confirm their work certifications.

Proper Care of Your Property 

An expert would understand how much you value your property and take the necessary precautions to protect it, while carrying out the removal work. Such professionals would be expected to strictly adhere to all local laws concerning removal of hazardous material and safety precautions regarding your safety and health. 

Quality Workmanship

All qualified and certified asbestos removal tradespeople would be skilful, experienced and highly professional in their work. Unlike when you do it yourself or engage amateurs, a professional would always deliver the highest work quality. A reputable company would have passed rigorous government tests to qualify as a removal firm.

Respect to Local Laws

When you’re working on your roof or disposing of the asbestos, it’s vital to remember your neighbours. In Australia, under the Health Act 1958, any nuisance which is dangerous to public health or offensive could get the attention of your local council’s environmental health officer and potentially get you into trouble.

A professional company will arrange to have the work done with suitable precautions so that both the 1993 Building Act and the Health Act of 1958 are not breached.  

Safe Asbestos Disposal

In Australia, there are designated asbestos waste disposal sites. A professional removal company will know where to dispose of any waste material suitably. Moreover, such a company will take appropriate precautions in handling, storing and transporting the waste to designated sites without exposing your family to any risk or breaching the law.

Before you engage in any removal work, it would be wise to first pay a visit the WorkSafe Australia website which contains useful information regarding asbestos removal, handling and disposal. This will provide you with sufficient insights concerning what exactly to look for when hiring a reputable removal firm. Certainly, your health just might depend on it.

For more information about asbestos click here (A guide for householders and the general public A guide for householders and the general public).

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